Introducing… Parsus team member, Kristi Howard!

  1. Where did you grow up? Tell us a little about it. I am an AZ Native! I was born in Phoenix and raised on the west side in Glendale. I have lived all over AZ (with a small 1 year stint in NYC) but I love it here!
  1. How did you get your start in tech? It started when I worked for I was one of 10 females in sales at that time and it was awesome to learn about everything from the UI side. Shortly after leaving, I became part owner in a student travel company called EXP Trips. We decided to develop an app called TripLeader that would help us do our jobs better and keep students safer! I love tech and how much it changes so rapidly!
  1. If you weren’t in tech, what would you be doing? I would be teaching. I was a high school marketing and business teacher for a year and a half and loved it! Unfortunately, teachers don’t make enough to survive in AZ so I made the move back to tech!
  1. What does a typical weekend look like in your life? Hanging out with my 2 year old adorable daughter doing something fun, running errands or adventuring around AZ!
  1. What makes you tick? What drives you?

Work wise:

I am definitely driven by watching my projects come to life! I love the entire experience from conception to the result! I also thrive on a productive team environment. When everyone is sharing ideas and really pushing a project to it’s full potential I get really excited.


My daughter drives me everyday to provide an amazing life for the 2 of us. Just her presence makes me want to be a better person to everyone in my life as a living example of how I want her to be.

  1. What’s the favorite part of your job? I love finding problems! Haha! I am also a stickler for a great product and user experience so for me, it comes naturally to give ideas on how things can be improve and become better.
  1. Here are a few black-and-white questions:
    • Day or night? Day
    • Dogs or cats? DOGS FOR SURE!
    • Walking or running? Walking
    • Coffee or tea? Coffee
    • Donuts or bagels? Donuts
    • Cup or mug? Cup
    • Mac or PC? Mac! Apple is life
    • Pen or pencil? Pen
    • Sketch or draw? Neither? I am terrible at both!
    • iPhone or Android? iPhone
  2. And here are a few more…not so black-and-white ones!
    • Red, white or blue? Red! I love bold
    • Earth, wind or fire? Fire
    • Swim, bike or run? Swim
    • Snap, crackle or pop? Ohhhhh SNAP
    • Faith, hope or charity? Charity, always! Put action behind your words!
    • Good, bad or ugly? Good!
    • Peter, Paul or Mary? Haha no idea
    • Alvin, Simon or Theodore? Theodore- I’m a sucker for a nerd!
  3. Where is your next vacation? India hopefully but possibly Barcelona and Lisbon!
  4. What’s your favorite book? Pillars of the Earth and Girl, Wash Your Face. Favorite movie? Anything funny latent with sarcasm- Wedding Crashers is a fave for sure! Favorite spot on earth? Pacific City, Oregon. Amsterdam, Barcelona, Santorini
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