Introducing… Parsus team member, Scott Bulloch!

  1. Where did you grow up? Tell us a little about it. Austin, TX: It had a very small town feel when I was growing up before the tech boom in the early 2000s. It was a great place to live, and I’m sure it still is, but it has changed drastically in the last 10-15 years.
  2. How did you get your start in tech? I have always had a fascination with tech from playing video games as a child to computer lab in school. I built my first PC in high school and learned a little programming in Pascal. In the late 90’s the web was starting to pick up steam and it seemed like a good place to start a career.
  3. If you weren’t in tech, what would you be doing? Cooking. I like the mix of chemistry and artistry that goes into making a delicious meal.
  4. What does a typical weekend look like in your life? Taking my dogs for a walk, going hiking and watching movies.
  5. What makes you tick? What drives you? Precision makes me tick. I see things done sloppy and I have to fix them. Clean code and pixel perfection are my goals. Deadlines drive me. If I didn’t have deadlines I would endlessly obsess over details and never complete anything.
  6. What’s the favorite part of your job? Working on the frontend of websites and apps puts me right in the middle of engineering and design. Both of these aspects of my job keep me interested and challenged.
  7. Here are a few black-and-white questions:
    • Day or night? Night
    • Dogs or cats? Dogs
    • Walking or running? Running
    • Coffee or tea? Tea
    • Donuts or bagels? Donuts
    • Cup or mug? Mug
    • Mac or PC? Mac
    • Pen or pencil? Pen
    • Sketch or draw? Sketch
    • iPhone or Android? iPhone

8. And here are a few more…not so black-and-white ones!

    • Red, white or blue? Red
    • Earth, wind or fire? Earth
    • Swim, bike or run? Run
    • Snap, crackle or pop? Pop
    • Faith, hope or charity? Charity
    • Good, bad or ugly? Bad
    • Peter, Paul or Mary? Paul
    • Alvin, Simon or Theodore? Theodore

9. Where is your next vacation? At home. As Dorothy said, “There’s no place like home”.

10. What’s your favorite book? Favorite movie? Favorite spot on earth?
Book: Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson
Movie: The Empire Strikes Back
Spot: Ocho Rios, Jamaica where I got married

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