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Project Description

Founded in Germany in 1949, adidas is a multinational corporation that designs and manufactures shoes and sportswear. Adidas is the second largest sportswear manufacturer in the world!

Challenges and Opportunities

  • For every season, a new campaign would be launched resulting in mass-loading of projects; the content provided by the client would be inconsistent and would have to be “normalized” before loading
  • We were managing multiple external vendors on behalf of the client
  • Instead of 4 people managing these, client was able to manage it with a single person saving time and money
  • Product distribution increased to mom-and-pop stores nationwide while gaining efficiencies to the large multi-store clients


For over a decade, Parsus worked with adidas America to launch and manage their adiRetailerNet and adiSpace systems.

  • allowed sales reps and retailers to place orders online which were fulfilled by external vendors reducing distribution costs and improved the ability to distribute new items quickly.
  • facilitated collaboration and document sharing between various roles such as project managers, architects, CAD engineers, store managers, etc.  After a space was kicked off, its on-going supplies and fixtures were ordered via the web application and fulfilled by multiple external vendors.  In addition, the web application was widely used by field reps to post.


For over 10+ years, Parsus worked with adidas America on their adiRetailerNet and adiSpace projects. Some of the project tasks included:

  • Combining 3 different sub-systems into a single database-driven system

  • API integrations with multiple external adidas vendors

  • Worked with various internal adidas groups both at headquarters and off-site for functional requirements and on-going operations