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Project Description

13 brands, 6 countries, 30 properties! With brands like Nickelodeon, El Dorado, Azul, Generations Resorts, Allure, Sensimar and Sensatori, Karisma Hotels and Resorts offers a world-class, all-inclusive, luxury vacation experience in Mexico, Jamaica, Dominican Republic, Montenegro, Croatia and Colombia.

Challenges and Opportunities

  • Match the online experience with the on-resort experience
  • Narrate stories through pictures and visuals to convey an experiential feel
  • Give customers a single place to book and manage reservations for rooms and flight packages
  • Merge multiple sites into a single family
  • Eliminate 404 errors
  • Display specials that can only be found on karismahotels.com


The Parsus team has worked closely with the Karisma Hotels branding, marketing and IT teams to re-design and re-develop the karismahotels.com website. Before the site’s launch in January 2019, a number of websites existed for brands and individual properties making the booking experience cumbersome and not intuitive. The new web solution gives users a single place to book their dream vacation quickly and easily.

The new website also caters to users based on desired experiences and interests. Whether you want to be slimed by Spongebob at Nickelodeon Punta Cana or sip cocktails seaside at Azul Beach Resort Negril, there is a perfect property waiting for you.

A high-level synopsis of the goals are as follows:

  • Online revenue is up approximately 30%
  • Mobile experience is intuitive, easy and fast
  • Checkout process is simple and quick
  • Visuals speak louder than words
  • Content Management requires no IT involvement
  • All metrics are positive
    • Average Order Volume is up 16%
    • Conversion rate is up 21%
    • Revenue is up almost 30%
    • Pages per session is up 26%
    • Average time on site is up 9%
    • Bounce rate is down by more than 10%


In January 2019, Parsus successfully launched the new Karisma Hotels and Resorts website and has seen exponential growth. Some key features of the website included:

  • Responsive Website

  • API Integrations

  • Online Booking for Rooms and Flights as well as Reservation Management

  • Throttled Traffic

  • Versioned Releases and Weekly Enhancements