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Project Description

Trigger Point Therapy, headquartered in Austin, Texas, creates recovery products for both athletes and exercise enthusiasts alike. Known for their GRID foam roller among countless other products, Trigger Point has changed the way people restore their bodies after physical activities.

Challenges and Opportunities

  • Engage in digital strategy
  • Create an online one-stop-shop for consumers to shop products, learn from online tutorials, watch videos and connect through finding courses and retailers in their area


Parsus has launched the completely rebranded responsive eCommerce site built on the DotNetNuke CMS using HotCakes Commerce with NetSuite API interface for membership, products and orders. The site deftly blends product information with educational information and works flawlessly on touch as well as click paradigms on multiple screen sizes!


In 2014, Parsus developed a well-rounded solution for Trigger Point Therapy that gives customers a place to buy and learn about all things TPT. The end-result included:

  • Responsive Website

  • Transaction-based eCommerce through HotCakes Commerce

  • NetSuite API integration for membership, products and orders

  • Site uses a decentralized CMS called DotNetNuke and is hosted by a managed host in the cloud