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Project Description

The Way to Go! Club is a point rewards program, similar to airline miles, that allows you to earn milestone gifts and points rewards as you enjoy all the other benefits of sustainable transportation. The more you choose NOT to drive alone, the more benefits you receive!

Challenges and Opportunities

  • Understand and refine the strategy and goals of the WayToGo program
  • Design, develop and launch online application website to allow members track and redeem reward points
  • Manage, monitor and maintain the website 7/24/365


Parsus designed and developed the Way to Go! Club software for the City of Durango. Hundreds of members save CO2 by choosing to use sustainable transportation. For each trip, they earn points and rewards that they can exchange for cool non-disposable, environmentally-friendly gifts. Members also gain bragging rights by climbing up leader boards within their respective groups.

  • Modes of transportation include: walking, e-biking, bicycling, wheeling, bus/trolleying, multi-modal transportation or carpooling
  • Points earned vary based on distance traveled and mode of transportation
  • Points are redeemed for items like helmets, sunglasses, backpacks and more!


Parsus developed and managed City of Durango’s WayToGo! Club website application. The project included:

  • Designing, developing and launching a responsive Website (mobile-friendly, tablet-friendly, laptop-friendly, desktop-friendly)

  • Monitoring hundreds of members, businesses and clubs on an ongoing basis

  • Making continuous enhancements to improve the User Experience