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Project Description

Over the past decade, WoodSpring Hotels and their two brands, WoodSpring Suites and Value Place, have opened over 225 extended-stay locations across the country. Their focus is simple: ensure guests always have a welcome environment.

Challenges and Opportunities

  • Add destination and property-specific content to the website
  • Give customers a single place to book and manage reservations
  • Offer deals that can only be found on woodspring.com


Over the past year, Parsus has gone through a full Microsoft Solution Framework lifecycle to design, develop and deploy the new WoodSpring.com website. Launched in February 2017, website revenue has shown a remarkable growth of more than 38%. A high-level synopsis of the goals are as follows:

  • Develop a responsive-design website to allow users to easily search, find and book extended-stay rooms at WoodSpring Hotels
  • Provide a smooth, easy and quick booking-path to improve conversion and surpass growth-projections
  • Develop a real-time Interface with the reservation system as well as the newly installed Hippo CMS to display dynamic content seamlessly
  • Allow non-technical users to manage all website content
  • Track and report on traffic from all channels including SEO, PPC, SEM, email, affiliates, etc.


In 2017, Parsus successfully launched the new WoodSpring Hotels website and has seen exponential growth. Some key features of the website included:

  • Reponsive Website

  • API Integrations

  • Destination Content Integration

  • Online Booking and Reservation Management